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The Snowflake Appeal 2014 - proudly sponsored by Lands' End

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"Children and families are like snowflakes - unique and fragile.  The appeal is a brilliant metaphor for the way Home-Start helps people. This is an amazing organisation - on the ground, helping people.  If you want to help anyone in the UK, Home-Start is the best way to do it." Kirstie Allsopp

Many young children are surrounded by hardship or tragedy: from bereavement to isolation or disability; from financial hardship and food shortages to terrible housing. In a quarter of families in the UK, children are facing many of these challenges at once. These children, as unique and fragile as snowflakes, are who the Snowflake Appeal helps us support.

Home-Start’s volunteers offer emotional and practical support crafted for the circumstances of each child; helping parents cope with illness or disability, assist with routine, reduce chaos, organise finances and access emergency support, find local support groups, encourage the development and learning of their children, and so much more.

The Snowflake Appeal runs from 1 November 2014 to 31 January 2015. Please support us.

Donate securely online now, or look for ways to fundraise and alternative ways to donate below.



  • Download an inspiring fundraising pack in English and Welsh – there are special versions for crafters (English / Welsh) and schools (English/ Welsh). You can also download blank Snowflake branded posters (English / Welsh) and invites (English / Welsh) for you to tailor with your event details.
  • Order a fundraising kit containing a Snowflake Appeal collecting tin, 200 stickers and lots of ideas to keep you busy. Simply email with your address details.
  • Enter our exclusive biscuit bake competition (details online here) to win tea with Kirstie Allsopp at The Good Housekeeping Institute.
  • Have our snowflake embroidered on a wide range of clothing ordered from our sponsor Lands' End. It costs £3.50 and the company will donate £1 to the Snowflake Appeal for each item ordered. Visit or call freephone 0800 220106.
  • Purchase a beautiful limited edition silver snowflake charm from Scarlett Jewellery. It costs £39, and £10 per item is donated to the Snowflake Appeal.
  • Knitters - download free knitting patterns from LoveKnitting and read their blog on ways to support the appeal.
  • Purchase snowflake pin badges , Tree decorations/gift tags or exclusive snowflake Christmas cards.

  • Text: SNOW04 £4 to 70070 to donate £4 to the appeal. Agree to the to the gift aid message and inland revenue will increase your donation by 25%.
  • Donate by phone on 0800 068 63 68 (free from land lines but mobiles may charge) or send a cheque payable to Home-Start UK at: The Snowflake Appeal, The Home-Start Centre, 8–10 West Walk, Leicester, LE1 7N.
  • Explore our Snowflake game app, specially created for the appeal. It was nominated for a 2014 TIGA award.  You can download the game from
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 Thank you

IMPORTANT:  Donations made using the options above will go to Home-Start UK to help us set up new Home-Starts and support existing Home-Starts in 300 communities of the UK.  If you want to donate to or fundraise for a particular local Home-Start, please contact yours directly for details on how to help.  (Why is this? Look at the 'local' tab on this link).

Three year old Daisy, seven year old Thomas and teenagers Lucy and Zoe were on the child protection register when their mum Becky was referred to Home-Start. 

Becky suffers from severe mental health problems that make it difficult for her to cope sometimes, so Home-Start worker Naomi spends around two hours per week at the family’s home. She helps Becky attend medical appointments, make calls to pay bills and supports her through crises - like when her brother was sent to prison. Naomi has also helped Becky develop her parenting skills, introduce routines and set boundaries for her children.

Since Home-Start support began, Daisy has gained confidence and now goes to nursery and Thomas now has a 100% school attendance record. Lucy and Zoe, who had been truanting regularly, do so much less frequently and are generally better behaved.

Both Thomas and Daisy and are no longer considered 'at risk', while Lucy has been moved down to the child in need register. There is still a long way to go for these vulnerable children, but through supporting their mum to be a good parent, Home-Start has changed their lives.

At rock bottom Rosie’s children’s lives were awful.  They were living in hiding with their mother after 20 years of domestic violence at the hands of her partner.  In a ‘safe house’ behind permanently closed curtains; not playing with any friends; barely speaking to each other; under threat of exclusion from school and on some occasions, self harming.  There were five of them: two teenage daughters, sons aged eight and three, and baby girl of nine months.

In 2011 they were referred to Home-Start. Their volunteer, Wayne, came every week and helped them do ‘normal’ things, like watching TV or playing computer games together. These tiny things made an enormous difference.

Rosie said, “My house started turning into a home. Having a male volunteer has taught my girls they do not need to be scared of men. Wayne showed me that it’s OK to let the children outside; that it is safe. Other children come and knock on the door to ask mine out to play.  And I let them go! There is nothing like Home-Start; with no judgment and no scrutiny. Having Wayne here has stopped the kids being victims and given us so much positi

Fundraising pack for individuals
Download in English
Download in Welsh
Fundraising pack for schools
Download in English
Download in Welsh
Fundraising pack for crafters
Download in English
Download in Welsh
Download in English
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Download in English
Download in Welsh

Fundraising kit (collecting tin,
stickers and ideas)
These can be ordered by emailing a request and your
address details to


 Become a Snowflake Appeal supporter

If you want to be involved in Home-Start's Snowflake Appeal in future, please contact us.  Let us know if you want to raise funds, raise profile, or support us in other ways.

Kirstie Allsopp, TV presenter
Home-Start ambassador Kirstie Allsopp told us why she is supporting our Snowflake Appeal:
"Home-Start has really got under my skin. They make an immense difference to children’s lives. They are so effective. And so cost effective!  That’s why I’m supporting The Snowflake Appeal, and I hope you can too.” 

Stevie Parle, chef at the Dock Kitchen and TV presenter:
Stevie is passionate about the importance of families cooking and eating together. He explains why he's backing The Snowflake Appeal:
"As a parent I know just how hard parenting can be, and without the support and indeed privelege I am lucky enough to have I can really see how it could get to be too much. Home-Start seems to be a brilliant way to help in a really practical way. The funds raised from their new Snowflake Appeal will help them to continue their vital work, and it just seems like a lovely - and fun - way to raise money. I'm supporting the appeal and I hope you can too."

Lindsay Nicholson, Good Housekeeping editor
A former scheme trustee and current Ambassador of Home-Start UK, Lindsay helped launch the inaugural Snowflake Appeal and continues to support the campaign. She says:
"Such a brilliantly simple idea. I hope that as well as wondering if it will snow for Christmas people will wonder how they can help the Snowflake Appeal over the festive season!"

Dave Allen of media group Local World says:
"As the holiday season approaches, families gear up for the most wonderful time of the year. But for the unfortunate few, Christmas is a lonely and miserable period that means the work of Home-Start is more important than ever.  The charity’s network of local support for local families reaches out to thousands of parents and their children.  This is why Local World is pledging to help Home-Start with its annual Snowflake Appeal."

Sarah Fenton, Scarlett Jewellery’s founder and designer, says:
“The intricate beauty of snowflakes inspired me to create a limited edition silver snowflake charm. I’ve got a toddler so I’m really proud to be raising money for Home-Start.  Families need their crucial support when times get tough and this national family charity helps parents build better lives for their children.”


Caron Moseley, Marketing Manager at Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries, says:
“Home-Start wants to see a society in which every parent has the support they need to give their children the best possible start in life. There is a huge amount of affinity between our organisations and we feel that we can really support Home-Start in its ambitions to realise its vision. The Snowflake Appeal is just the start.”


Marcus Lyon, Home-Start ambassador & chair of the Consortium for Street Children says:
"I endorse Snowflake because our individual support is a ray of sunshine on the winter of childhood disadvantage…let's shine together."

Lady Christine Eames adds:
"A family, fragile like a snowflake  - with the potential to be built into something strong."