Home-Start’s emergency COVID-19 Appeal is already supporting families in communities hit by Coronavirus across the UK. Now you can hear broadcaster and ambassador for Home-Start Glasgow North, Kaye Adams, share the story of one mum and and her young son for the BBC Radio 4 Appeal.

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Mercedes and Toby’s Home-Start Story

Kaye shares the story of Mercedes, a mum living in York who has struggled to cope during the COVID-19 lockdown. Her son Toby was born with bilateral talipes – both his feet were turned inward. He had to spend 23 hours a day in a brace to help straighten his feet which made it awkward to hold and feed him.

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Soon, the worry over her son, the countless hospital appointments, and the loneliness became overwhelming for Mercedes. But then she found out about Home-Start. Beth from Home-Start York helped Mercedes to get out of the house and meet other mums. This gave her a chance to talk to people who understood what she was going through. It gave her a sense of normality.

When the Coronavirus outbreak stopped Mercedes leaving her house, Home-Start was still there for her, making sure she could cope. Beth kept in regular touch with her by phone, but the most important thing was Home-Start’s weekly online groups with other mums. Mercedes says it’s given her routine and it’s what kept her sane.

Now, Home-Start is helping to rebuild communities affected by the pandemic. Our volunteers are supporting anxious parents who are going out and meeting other new parents for the first time. They’re helping them to develop the friendships and connections they will need as their children grow up.

At a time when so many families are feeling alone, the power of human contact and connection - the compassionate, confidential support that Home-Start volunteers offer - is needed now more than ever.

Listen to Kaye tell Mercedes and Toby’s story on BBC Radio 4 here

The story of Mercedes and her young son, Toby, is just one of the thousands of stories of families in urgent need of Home-Start. We need your help to ensure these families receive the support they deserve.

It costs Home-Start just £25 a week to provide a family with support from a trained Home-Start volunteer.  You can make a difference by giving now.

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