Coronavirus is placing the greatest strain on families who are already vulnerable, including those already isolated, facing financial hardship and mental health challenges.

Parents are struggling to get the nappies or food they need for their babies.

Mothers and fathers with new babies are isolated at home with no one to help them through the first uncertain weeks.

For many children school is where they get their main meal of the day. Families already under pressure now have to unexpectedly provide food throughout the day.

This can’t wait. Families need our help now.

Please make a donation today.

Home-Starts across the country are working tirelessly to stay connected with families and continue to support families remotely when they can’t visit them in person.

They are working with community partners to ensure families get vital food, baby goods and other supplies delivered to them during the outbreak.

But we can’t do it alone. It is only with your support that we can help those most in need. Please make a donation today.

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