"There were thousands of children who Home-Start had to turn away last year because there weren't the funds to recruit and train a volunteer to help them" says Kirstie Allsopp.  "But if we could fund more Home-Start volunteers for these children, they could genuinely change lives, for the better, for ever."

​"The Snowflake Appeal is to support children and families: unique, fragile and needing your help".

When a child loses a parent or member of their family, when they face severe illness, or disability, when their mother has postnatal depression, when their father loses his job and spirals into debt and mental illness or alcohol abuse, when they are living in poor or unsuitable housing conditions or their family is threatened with losing their home... Home-Start's volunteers want to be there for them – to help them and their whole family until they are able to cope again.

"It is important to stop and think about those families who have a very difficult time," she continued after filming her appeal. "For the last couple of years I have been working hard to raise awareness for Home-Start.  It's a remarkable charity.  Their Snowflake Appeal raises vital funds for the amazing work they do with vulnerable children and families. This is a fantastic organisation and whether you volunteer, fundraise, or make a donation there is no better thing to do for those children."

 "Children and families are like snowflakes - unique and fragile.  This appeal is a brilliant metaphor for the way Home-Start helps people. This is an amazing organisation on the ground, helping people.  If you want to help anyone in the UK, Home-Start is the best way to do it."

You can support our 2016 Snowflake Appeal by simply sharing this video, or by donating, fundraising or even shopping for our lovely snowflake merchandise. 

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