Home-Start has been selected as one of two possible contenders to become BT's UK charity partner. If BT staff vote for us, we'll be able to work together to close the digital divide.

The digital divide

The numbers are stark – 31% of children in the UK grow up in poverty. The pandemic and various lockdowns have made digital exclusion worse for millions of people affected, and the poorest are hardest hit. Recent research within our Home-Start network has revealed that being able to use digital is an urgent challenge that needs to be addressed.

Families who lack digital skills are locked out of helping their children with home-schooling, locked out of applying for hardship grants, even locked out of making a GP appointment.

In this compelling video testimony, Jorden a family support worker from Home-Start East Lancashire and Cindy, a grandmother raising her three grandchildren, explain the harsh realities of what they face: 

The 3Ds

Like Cindy, many families lack the 3Ds:

  • Digital Confidence
  • Data Connectivity
  • Devices

And they’re not alone.

A large number of our volunteers and Home-Start managers also need to develop their technical skills and confidence. So they can harness the power of digital to reach more families.

A partnership to boost and connect Home-Start families

This is why we are appealing to BT staff to vote for Home-Start to be BT’s next UK charity partner. Equipping families with the 3Ds is a big task. But we are confident with all the staff at BT, we can boost and connect the entire Home-Start community – how amazing would that be?

Alan Webb, Home-Start UK's Strategic Lead for Network Transformation, made a personal appeal for BT staff to vote for Home-Start.

Let’s hope Alan’s words encourage BT staff to vote for Home-Start so that we can start addressing this very real and limiting problem so many of our families are facing.

How you can help

Please share this page with anyone you know who works (or is connected to someone who works) for BT. This partnership offers a huge potential to change lives. A change that can start with one simple action – Vote Home-Start!

PAGE UPDATE: We are delighted to say that BT staff chose Home-Start as their charity partner. We look forward to working together to close the digital divide.