It is beneficial for all of us to occasionally take a look at how the routine plays a role in our life. Perhaps we need more of it, perhaps we need less. Right now many of our usual routines are being disrupted for reasons beyond our control. This can feel scary for all of us

Although our children may be able to access remote schooling which helps give structure to the day, this type of home schooling is challenging for adults and children alike.

Below is a planner that might help you think about routines during self-isolation.

Download the guide as a PDF to print and write on

Download the guide as a Word Document to type on and use electronically

The planner is a way to help guide you into having some structure into your lives, helping us all find that ‘new normal’.

Planners and schedules don’t always go to plan and that’s okay.

With the right balance, we will have enough routine to prevent chaos in our life, but the routine will be flexible enough to allow for the unexpected and to make room for spontaneous joys.

Routines help us in many different ways, such as:

  • Helping us to be more organised
  • Helping the day run more smoothly for parents or carers
  • Children feel more settled and secure
  • Children like to know what will happen next, especially any children who have additional needs
  • Helping children to have a sense of control over their lives and what is happening to them
  • Helping children to learn to become more independent. As they know what is happening next, they can join in; for example, laying the table.

Working from home?

If you are working from home, try to make time for quiet time for the children and work time for you or a 'do not disturb' time.

Ask work about spreading your hours differently - is it possible to work more in the evening?

Remember, you are not a teacher, you just need to facilitate your child's learning. Hopefully, your school has sent your child home with a learning pack or computer access to a learning programme.

And most importantly... Plan some fun/you time in too, you are not a machine and need to remember self-care.

If you’re not sure about what to include in your routine, we have produced a list of activities to do when self-isolating or social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Remember, if you have any additional tips or advice you have to other families across the UK, you can share these on social media using #AtHomeWithHomeStart

Coronavirus is causing a great strain on families across the UK who are already vulnerable. If you can, help us support families during this difficult and uncertain time, because childhood can't wait. 

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