We all want home to be a place of comfort, happiness and hope, and at Dunelm we work hard to improve the UK’s homes every day. But we also realise that emotional and practical help is crucial to help families struggling to cope with great adversity, which is why the assistance Home-Start provide is so important. For the next two years Dunelm will support Home-Start to transform the lives of thousands of parents and children facing tragedy and hardship.”

John Browett, CEO at Dunelm

Home-Start is a charity dedicated to helping families struggling with challenges including post-natal depression, isolation, physical health problems, bereavement, domestic abuse. 269 local Home-Starts provide 16,000 trained volunteers to give one-to-one support for 30,000 families across the UK.

Home-Start works because all volunteers are parents or have experience of the full time care of children. They understand how hard it can be. They work alongside parents, in their own homes, to help them cope with the stresses and strains of life and make sure they have the skills, confidence and strength they need to nurture their children.

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