Struggling with the death of a partner, a parent, or a child can take anyone into a world of grief and isolation.  And when there are young children in the family who need to be cared for, even the strongest person may find it too hard to cope.  A Home-Start volunteer can help with the emotions and the grief, and with overcoming practical difficulties.  

Ruth's mum had been her '"rock" after her daughter and younger triplets were born.  Things had been tough to start with. Then her father got cancer and her mother died while caring for him. "Having Home-Start has been a lifeline for our family", she said, "Knowing someone is committed to helping us is invaluable". 

See how she and her husband, Mark, coped:

Other stories like this:

Danielle - "I couldn’t talk to Marcus’s mum about it because obviously she had her own grief and, bless my dad, he bore the brunt of my anger"

Pauline - "My husband was killed by a drunk driver. He simple went to work and didn't come back.  My son was six and my twin daughters were three."

To find out if Home-Start has a volunteer available to help you, contact your local Home-Start.

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