Home-Start’s monitoring and evaluation system, which captures families’ needs at the beginning of support and again at the end, showed that in 2014 at the end of support:

Children’s well-being:

  • 95% of families felt their children’s emotional and physical health and well-being had improved

Parenting skills:

  • 95% of parents felt more involved in their children’s development
  • 94% of parents felt better able to manage their children’s behaviour

Parent’s health and well-being:

  • 94% of parents felt less isolated
  • 94% of parents said their emotional health had improved
  • 94% of parents felt their self-esteem had improved
  • 91% of parents said their physical health had improved

Managing the household:

  • 100% of parents felt more able to cope with twins, triplets or several children under five
  • 95% of parents felt more able to cope with the day-to-day running of the house
  • 93% of parents were using other local services more
  • 89% of parents felt more able to manage the household budget
  • 89% of parents said there was less stress and conflict in the family.

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