By making a gift to Home-Start UK in your will, you can help ensure the future generations of children get the vital support they need at a crucial time, to set their lives on the right track.

Home-Start UK supports families in communicates across the United Kingdom, giving them the help, support and advice they need to ensure their children have the best start in life.

We have over 13,500 family support volunteers provide peer-to-peer, compassionate and confidential support for families when they need us the most.

We work with 27,000 families, helping them build their confidence so they can give their children the life they deserve. Our support is practical, personal and tailored to the needs of every single one of the 56,000 children that need us.  

We need your help to ensure our trained volunteers can work with young children and their families in communities like yours.

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Our promise

At Home-Start, we understand the importance of a gift in a Will

We promise that we will use your gift in the way it was intended.

We promise to continue giving children within the UK the help at the start of their lives that they deserve.

A child’s earliest years are the most important. Home-Start UK makes sure they count. With a stable, loving and nurturing environment, a child can develop the vital foundations they need to realise their full potential.

Four-year-old Daisy’s mum was struggling with anxiety and depression she was finding it difficult to cope. When Home-Start volunteer, Jasmine, visited the family, she helped establish routines, brought with her some fun games and activities and even went with them to the library.

Daisy is now a confident and curious little girl who is constantly asking questions. Her mum is amazed at how confident and independent she has become over such a short time.

You can help to ensure the future generations of children get the best start in life today.


Your questions answered

What is a Will?

Your Will is a legal document that sets out and guarantees that your money and possessions with go to those whom you wish to benefit.

What types of Wills are there?

The two main types of legacy are pecuniary – a fixed amount of money – and a residuary - share of the value of your estate

Do I have to have a solicitor?

No, but we strongly advise that you do. A solicitor will help make sure that it meets all of the requirements of the law.

Can I support a particular part of Home-Start UK’s work?

You can specify in your Will what work you want to support, or you can leave a general gift and tell your executors what your wishes are.

Do I have to tell Home-Start UK about my gift in my Will?

No, although we would like you to. You can let us know about your gift by registering your interest on our online form, or by emailing [email protected]