Having a secure, loving bond with a parent and their encouragement and support to develop good social, emotional and cognitive skills gives children a secure base from which to explore, learn, relate to others, and flourish.

Home-Start is committed to providing real evidence of the difference we make for families.

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Lawrlwythwch ein Hadroddiad Effaith 2014

Home-Start UK has invested in a range of research and evaluation tools in order to better understand the effect of our services on children’s and families’ lives.

In 2011, we introduced a new on line tool to help local Home-Starts measure change in every family they support. This has enabled us to capture a wide range of data on children and family needs, the collective nature of support local Home-Starts provide and on the journeys of change that families go on during the time they are supported by a Home-Start volunteer.

This monitoring tool focuses on four core areas critical to family health and well being:
• Parenting skills
• Parental well being
• Child well being
• Household management

It provides real evidence of the positive difference that family support from a Home-Start volunteer makes to parents and children, among families who have complex and long term needs.

It also demonstrates the highly challenging family contexts within which volunteers are operating.

The proportion of parents rating themselves as coping ‘most of the time’ rises from 29% at Home-Start’s first visit to 45% after our support.

Home-Start’s support increases families’ capacity to cope with the issues they are facing. At the beginning of support, the average level of coping for a family was 2. At the end of support the majority were coping at level 4 or above.