Snowflake brooch kit

Crochet a snowflake brooch and wear it with pride to support our Snowflake Appeal for vulnerable children this winter. 

LoveCrochet have put together a snowflake brooch kit, including a pattern by Bella Coco. You can even watch Sarah-Jayne's video tutorial (for right-handed and for left-handed folk - and both easy enough for beginners). 

LoveCrochet are asking everyone who wears a snowflake brooch to make a donation to support the Snowflake Appeal, so after you've ordered your kit please remember to make a donation.

Once you've made your brooch you either wear it with pride to raise awareness of the Snowflake Appeal, or you can pass them on to a friend or family member in exchange for a donation. And there is no reason to stop at one - why not crochet lots of brooches and sell them at work or among your friends? Whether we have a white Christmas or not, let's cover the country in snowflakes this winter. 

Each pack includes:

  • - a snowflake pattern created by BellaCoco
  • - a 4.0mm crochet hook
  • - 100% cotton white yarn from Three Bears Yarn
  • - a brooch pin 

Once you get practiced, you could choose other kinds of yarns, with sparkle or fluff, or whatever you like - to make your snowflakes unique.

Huge thank yous to Lovecrochet and Sarah-Jayne at Bella-Coco for supporting the Snowflake Appeal for the second year.