Home-Start’s team of trained volunteers are there for parents when they need us most. Take a look at our volunteer stories below and you’ll see why volunteering for Home-Start not only transforms the lives of our families but transforms the lives of our volunteers too.  

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Lorraine's story

Lorraine, Home-Start Leith & North East Edinburgh, gives a clear, inspiring account of what Home-Start achieves and why she continues to volunteer to provide support to families in their home.

Andrew's story

Andrew, Home-Start Cowdenbeath, lost his partner following illness and experienced the support Home-Start can provide first-hand. His volunteering has been part of the recovery process and he is now interested in a career working with children and families.

Brenda's story

Brenda, Home-Start Edinburgh West and South West, is a student from Ecuador. She does not have children of her own but her powerful drive to get out of the “student bubble” and make community connections has led to her specialising in working with families from other cultures.

Ann's story

Ann, Home-Start East Lothian, both supports families and serves as a trustee. She talks about what volunteering means to her and why it will be hard to give it up.

Elizabeth's story

Elizabeth, Home-Start East Lothian, is breaking the mould as a young parent who volunteers and speaks from the heart about the struggles facing so many families – including wishing she had received similar support herself.

John's story

John, Home-Start Glasgow North, is a grandfather and former nurse who focuses on his role in helping families from many different background settle in Glasgow.

Louise's story

Louise, Home-Start Glasgow North, realised she had good support from friends and family and felt it was important to help people who are not in such a fortunate position. She talks about making time as a young mother herself and how easy it could be for others to do the same.

Andrew's story

Andrew, Home-Start Stirling, became a stay at home dad after an accident at work. He uses his practical skills as a joiner in his work with families and speaks from the heart about the way he feels about being a positive male role model for young children.

You can find your nearest Home-Start and have a chat with them about volunteering here.

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