Home-Start’s first manifesto for Wales was launched on Thursday 30 April 2015.

Ahead of the May 2016 National Assembly elections Home-Start is calling on politicians to focus on three key priority areas, making sure all our children:

  • have a safe places to live and play. 93% of Home-Starts in Wales say the families they support do not all have this.
  • with a parent suffering from a mental illness are supported. 86% of Home-Starts in Wales say that children with parents suffering with a mental illness are not all supported.
  • are well nourished and protected from hunger and poor nutrition. 93% of Home-Starts in Wales say they work with children not protected from food poverty.

Shaped by the views the of the 1,238 families Home-Start supports in Wales, All Our Children is a call to action for all political parties to put children’s lives at the heart of policy.

Although there is no official national or local data collected on the number of parents living with a mental illness, research estimates that more than 2 million children in the UK live with a parent who has a mental health problem.

Despite the scale of this problem 86% of Home-Starts in Wales said that the children they work with whose parents live with mental illness are not always supported by health or social services.

Home-Start is calling for all children who live with a parent affected by a mental illness to be given the support they need. The issue is one of three priority areas in the charity’s first manifesto for Wales.

The new manifesto sets out clear, practical solutions that will enable local people to support vulnerable people.

Home-Start’s manifesto for families in Wales, All Our Children

Maniffesto Home-Start ar gyfer teuluoedd yng Nghymru, Ein Holl Blant