Join us in marking 50 years of Home-Start by taking on the 50 for 50 fundraising challenge. It really is simple, just do anything (within reason!) that relates to 50 and donate what it raises to Home-Start UK.

 Whether you eat 50 pies or swim 50 miles, your support will help give every child a childhood filled with special moments that power their future health and happiness.

Running 50 miles

Climbing 50 stiles

Doing 50 squats

Selling 50 pots

Walking 50 pets

Eating 50 courgettes

Making 50 sounds

Raising 50 pounds...

...or more!

So … what’s your 50?

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We’d love to hear all about your fundraising efforts and see any photos of your event. You can share them on social media or can email these to [email protected]

You can transfer the money you raise in a number of ways.

Stuck for inspiration? Here’s some of the 50 for 50 challenges our younger supporters are taking on.

Sell 50 items

Brush away those cobwebs, say “goodbye” to all that clutter and sell it on ebay or at a local car boot and donate the funds.

Wash 50 cars

Gather some friends and set a target to clean 50 cars. Accept donations for your hard work.

Sponsor 50 …

Eat 50 pies, walk 50 miles, climb 50 stiles. Whatever you can you do 50 of, download one of our sponsorship forms and ask friends and family to sponsor you.

50 : 50 lottery

Set up a monthly lottery at work, charge a pound and split the prize 50 / 50 between the winner and Home-Start UK. If half of the money comes to us, you don’t need a licence.

Give up for 50 days

Giving up buying take away coffees, chocolates or other treats for 50 days and diverting the money to Home-Start UK would make a huge difference to our work.

50 minutes

Why not donate 50 minutes of your pay to Home-Start UK?

50 bag packs

Cans of beans first and then the tomatoes and eggs on top – right? Ask your local supermarket to let you pack bags and charge people for your hard work.

50 garden…

Parties, plants for sale or open gardens - people love the long nights of summer, make the most of them by using it to raise much needed funds.

50 dog walks

Let everyone know you are up for walking their furry friends, for a fee of course! Make some new friends along the way and don’t forget your doggie bags of biscuits for sale.

Bake 50 cakes

Everyone loves to eat cake. So get baking and sell, sell, sell!

50 books or films

Whether intellectual, arty, or just a bit of fun, set up a weekly book or film club running for 50 weeks of the year and charge per entry.

50 treasure hunts

Hide 50 items, set an entry fee and invite your neighbours to find them

50 guess the number / guess the name

Sweeties in a jar? Teddies name? Ask a local shop to donate an item and charge 50 p per ticket to guess the number / name.

50 karaokes

Get together for a night of talent (or lack of) and sing to your hearts content. Charge per entry and sell 50 tickets.

50s dance

Swing, jitterbug, Lindy, Boogie-woogie or Bop. Everyone loves a bit of rock and roll – dress up for the fifties and dance the night away.

50 cycle

Cycle continuously for 50 hours on a static bike, taking turns with your friends, or cycle 50 miles, it’s up to you.

50p stall

Ask local businesses to donate, or make your own product and set up a stall where everything is 50p

50 matched giving

Matched giving is a great way to boost your fundraising. Can your employer offer to match every £50 raised?

50p add on

Ask your work canteen to offer a special for Home-Start mark up prices for the week and donate the extra to us.

Little Moment Picnic

Still not inspired? You can download a summer picnic pack here and enjoy raising funds as you have fun in the sun with a ready-made idea and resources to use.

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