Struggling with the death of a partner, a parent, or a child can take anyone into a world of grief and isolation ... Read more

Disability and illness

Coping with a long-term illness or a physical disability can be a life-changing experience for parents and children... Read more

Forces families

Home-Start works in British Forces bases in Germany and Cyprus as well as with families in bases, garrisons and barracks in the UK. Read more


Moving away from friends, no family nearby, not knowing your local community - you're not alone... Read more

Mental ill health and post natal illness

More than a third of parents we support ask for our help to cope with post-natal illness. or their own or their child's mental ill health... Read more

Money issues

We helped more than 4,000 families with their finances last year. If organising your money is overwhelming, or if it's hard to make ends meet... Read more

Twins, triplets and many children

Double delight. Or triple trouble. Multiple births can bring both... Read more

When a relationship ends

If you are trying to cope after a separation, divorce, or after leaving an abusive relationship... Read more