Welcome to Family Matters - Spring 2023

Mum Lauren has written the welcome to this edition of 'Family Matters'. Her husband Will is in the army and her daughter Layla has additional needs. Here, she tells us what Home-Start support has meant to her. Read more

50 years of little moments that matter

From a hug to feeling heard, Home-Start support is a myriad of little moments that make a big difference. Here, three people explain the power these little moments have made to their lives. Read more

Alice's story - Finding a safety net in the Cost-of-Living crisis

Struggling to make ends meet, the cost of living crisis has impacted Alice’s family hard. But thanks to you Home-Start has been able to provide a critical safety net. Now Alice is determined to build her own business. Read more

Heidi's story - Avoiding a world full of life threatening risks

With 30 severe allergies, life for three year old Bobby and his family is full of risk. Mum Heidi tells us how Home-Start support has helped her navigate this dangerous world. Read more

Three hearts of Home-Start

The baby whisperer, the gardener and the digital designer; three Home-Start volunteer award winners tell us about their experiences of volunteering for Home-Start. Read more

Ainsley's story - My kids were in temporary foster care

Mum Ainsley's life was turned upside down when her children were put in temporary foster care. With help from Home-Start Lomond, newly established to support local and naval families, family life is improving. Read more

Alloy's story - Crafting new connections

Nurse and mum of three, Alloy, tells us how having a Home-Start volunteer, and a passion for crafting, helped her through post-natal depression. Now, she’s helping other mums learn the same techniques. Read more

Georgetta's story - No bed for my baby

Despite working all hours, pregnant Georgetta was struggling to save enough to take care of her baby. That’s when she turned to Home-Start. Read more

Welcome to Family Matters - Autumn 2022

Sarah-Jane Pickering welcomes you to the Autumn edition of Family Matters and discusses the impact the newly launched Home-Start Cost of Living Crisis Appeal will make for families. Read more

Lauren's story - My husband can't afford to come home

The cost of living crisis is hitting Lauren's family hard. Her army husband can't afford fuel to get home and Lauren has to count out their daughter's nappies to make sure they can last the month. She shares their story. Read more

No ordinary charity shop

Read how this very special Home-Start charity shop is going the extra mile to support families who are struggling with isolation and financial challenges. Read more

Nicola's story - Life with two autistic sons

Read how, on weekends, Nicola’s sons wait at the window in anticipation of the visit from their Home-Start volunteer William. His support has been life changing for the family. Read more