Every year Home-Start supports tens of thousands of women during the critical period of becoming a parent and raising young children.

By supporting mothers through some of the obstacles they face, we empower them to become stronger and more resilient and we equip them with tools to raise the next generation so that they can thrive.

Help ensure Home-Start's expert staff and trained volunteers can provide a lifeline of practical and emotional support to women at this critical time

Donate today and make lives better for women.

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There’s no magic wand for issues like poverty, mental illness or grief. But by improving a mother's resilience, and helping the parent and child connection, Home-Start volunteers protect children from the long-lasting damage of adversity. We have 50 years’ worth of evidence to prove this works.

Your donation today will result in a mother being empowered to be the best parent possible. This will ensure their child has a better life and a better chance of a brighter future. Please give whatever you can afford. It will be a gift that will last a lifetime.

Your donation will support Home-Start UK’s work with women around the country. To support a local Home-Start, you can find their details here.

For every £1 you give to Home-Start UK:

93p is spent directly on our charitable activities
7p is invested to generate future income/fundraising

Find our annual reports, or see our page on the Charity Commission website.