Family Groups

Many Home-Starts run family groups. They are held regularly, at a local venue, where you and your children can come along and meet other families.

Your children get the chance to play, learn and have fun with other children and with different books and toys.

You get the chance to meet and talk to other parents – and many parents discover they are going through the same kinds of experiences and feel less alone.

Many of the staff and volunteers running Home-Start groups have also been home-visiting volunteers.  Their groups are a great place for parents to pick up advice, tips and help from Home-Start and other parents.

Other Groups

Some local Home-Starts also run groups to help parents and children through specific hard times - such as postnatal illness, being a single dad, being a single mum or being a teenage parent.  Some run healthy eating or debt relief sessions to help families cope.  

The groups are organised according to local need, so contact your local Home-Start to find out if they run any.