We are pleased to announce the appointment of five talented members to our board of trustees. Each new trustee brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives that will significantly contribute to achieving the organisation's strategic goals.

Home-Start has been supporting families for more than 50 years and in that time has helped over 1.5 million children. Last year our network of volunteers across 180 local Home-Starts, were able to support 79,000 children in 43,692 families in communities across the UK. 

The charity’s ambition is to increase the number of families that the work with across our federation to 50,000 each year, and to explore new ways to ensure relational, compassionate support for 200,000 additional families by building compassionate communities equipped to support families and children.

Speaking of the new appointments, Lin Hinnigan, Chair of Home-Start UK, said “I am thrilled by the talent joining our Board. Their passion for Home Start's mission and willingness to help come at a crucial time. Our trustees bring personal and professional experience of supporting families and children, leading and managing complex organisations, and driving awareness and transformation that will help our ambitions across the Home-Start federation. With their support, we're better equipped to assist more families."

Peter Grigg, Chief Executive of Home-Start UK added “I am delighted to welcome our five new trustees and excited to work with them all. They bring valuable skills and experience and, alongside brilliant trustees already on our Board, will help us grow Home-Start’s impact for even more families and children.”

Joining the board is:

Christine Chapman: Experienced in business development with a deep understanding of child development and family policy, Christine Chapman will add a lot to Home-Start UK's Quality and Impact work. Having successfully run a local Home-Start, her hands-on experience will prove invaluable in shaping policies and strategies that directly benefit the families we work with.

Sarah Duxbury: With a background in legal, governance, change programmes and community partnership, Sarah Duxbury is a valuable addition to Home-Start UK. Her diverse skill set will undoubtedly strengthen the organisation's ability to navigate complexities and enhance governance and partnerships.

Tara Spence: With extensive knowledge and hands-on experience running a large local Home-Start, as well as a deep understanding of the local environment for children and family services, Tara Spence is a dedicated leader in the field. Her commitment to the Home-Start federation, to building charity partnerships and a track record in equality, diversity, and inclusion will be valuable additions to Home-Start UK’s work.

Faiza Waheed: Bringing a wealth of knowledge from her career in finance within the health sector, Faiza Waheed adds to Home-Start UK's existing expertise in financial planning, risk management, and audit. Her personal understanding of Home-Start support further enriches her ability to contribute to the charity's mission.

Euan Wilmhurst: Euan Wilmhurst joins Home-Start UK with expertise in communications, marketing, and advocacy. His understanding of policy influencing and connections with many charities in the family sector in the UK and beyond aligns with Home-Start UK's goals to help elevate the organisation's profile.

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