Donate now and give a magical moment to a family in crisis

Life is tough right now for families. But it’s even tougher for those facing difficult times. Thousands of children in homes across the UK will face a Christmas this year, with no Magical Moments to brighten their day.

But this is not just a Christmas story. Children who are deprived of magical Christmas moments also typically live without important everyday childhood moments. Moments that are essential for a child to grow, learn and explore – a giggle and a hug with mum, a hot family meal together, a bedtime story with dad. 

There’s no magic wand for issues like poverty, mental illness or grief. But by improving a family’s resilience and confidence, by building the connection between parents and children. Home-Start volunteers help build better futures for children.

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Thanks to your donation, we can give children special moments this Christmas and beyond. We want every child to have moments that light up their day. Moments that bring them and their parents closer together. Moments of love and joy.

But demand for our services has doubled in recent years. Local Home-Starts don’t have enough volunteers, or the resources to be able to recruit and train them.

Your donation will help us to recruit and train one of the additional 10,000 volunteers we desperately need, so that no family is ever turned away.

There’s no magic wand for issues like poverty, mental illness or grief. But by improving the family’s resilience, and the parent and child connection, Home-Start volunteers protect children from the long-lasting damage of adversity. We have 50 years’ worth of evidence to prove this works.

Your donation will become precious childhood memories that will last a lifetime. Please give whatever you can afford. It will be a gift that will last a lifetime. 

Your donation will support Home-Start UK’s work around the country this Christmas.

To support a local Home-Start, you can find their details here.

For every £1 you give to Home-Start UK:

  • 93p is spent directly on our charitable activities
  • 7p is invested to generate future income/fundraising

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