Pregnant domestic abuse survivor, Georgetta was close to giving up, with no support and no money to put aside for the baby, she turned to Home-Start for help.  Georgetta shares her story.

Single mum Georgetta was referred to Home-Start in Suffolk when she was six months pregnant. We have changed Georgetta’s name to protect her identity because she is a domestic abuse survivor.

With her baby, now 10 months old, Georgetta is struggling to get by despite working hard all her life. She worked overtime right up to the birth of her baby to try and earn as much money as possible. But her minimum wage earnings only just cover her rent and bills, leaving little for food and travel, and next to nothing to buy essential baby items.

I had to work extra hours when I was pregnant

“During my pregnancy people were always asking me why I was working so much. I’d do extra hours in the weekend, hoping I could earn a little extra to buy baby items. But with the increased costs of  everything, there was no money left to put aside for the baby. I was feeling more and more anxious about it.

My midwife saw how worried I was. I had no bed for the baby, no nappies, no clothes, nothing. I also have no family or anyone I can turn to for help. It’s just me. At my six month appointment my midwife gave me a moses basket and asked if she could refer me to Home-Start in Suffolk.

Natalie, a family coordinator came out to see me. I explained my situation and how alone I felt. Natalie said she could see how I was struggling and explained how Home-Start could support me. She gave me some supermarket vouchers to take off some of the immediate pressure which was a big help.

Natalie introduced me to Anna, a home visiting volunteer. Anna asked me what I needed for the baby. On her next visit she arrived with so many items from the baby bank – clothes, a bath and a pram -something I could never have afforded. It helped my anxiety knowing that I would be able to care for my baby".

Sometimes I feel like giving up

"I’ve worked so hard and for so long, and yet I have nothing. I can’t afford to pay my electric bill. I’m already two months behind. I tried to keep the heating off and to stay out the house as much as possible. Walking and pushing the pram in all weathers, but then my son got a chest infection. I felt so bad. Now I put the heating on, but I have no idea how to pay for it. Sometimes I feel like giving up.”

Story update:

Since the interview, Georgetta has been gifted a laptop and phone from BT 3Ds programme to help her link in with local services. She is also being supported by Home-Start Suffolk family co-ordinator to
build a more secure future for her and her baby.

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