Dad of one, Sam Kerman, explains how Home-Start helped his family cope during lockdown and saved him from reaching crisis point.

“My wife Vic has a number of health issues that limit her mobility. In the past year, she’s only been out of the house two or three times. It’s devastating for her. I dream about the day I can watch her walk down the road with our son Leon.

Life was tough enough, but COVID-19 made our situation so much worse. Financially it’s battered us. I work in a toy shop, so my work has been hugely affected during all the lockdowns.

Apart from briefly returning to work over Christmas, I’ve spent most of the year at home. I’m the only earner, so when I was put on furlough the 20% reduction in my wage put us under huge strain.

Not working affects my mental health. I find the loss of routine difficult and can once again feel myself slipping back into depression. Vic is tough. She’s like me and hides her true feelings well. But, I know she also struggles. She hates that she can’t go out. She’d like nothing more than to take Leon to the park.

Without Home-Start High Peak we’d be in an absolute mess – I’ve no doubt about that. I’m convinced having Home-Start’s support has saved me from depression, and has helped Vic manage better at home.

Whatever the weather we know Heather from Home-Start High Peak will do anything to support us. Leon loves to see Heather, and it’s of great comfort that she’s in our lives.

From emotional support, to practical support, to helping Leon grow and develop, our lives have been enriched by Home-Start.

Home-Start has stopped our lives falling apart by reducing stress and anxiety. 

As hard as lockdown was, I feel optimistic about the future. Vic is finally seeing a doctor about her health issues, Leon is settled at nursery and I’m now back at work. I’m also optimistic that one day I will see Vic and Leon walk hand in hand to the park. That will be the most cherished memory of all.”

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