Naneh and her husband lived an ordinary life until, without warning, their world was turned upside down.  Just two months before the birth of their second child they were devastated when their four year old son suddenly passed away.

The family’s lives were thrown into complete turmoil. Naneh and her husband had to handle the stress and pressure of a new baby, while trying to cope with the sheer grief of losing their son. As their daughter grew Naneh knew she was missing out on a normal childhood. “I knew my girl was starved of regular input from happier adults,” she says.

Thankfully, Naneh came across Home-Start and was matched with a volunteer called Sue. Together with Sue’s help, Naneh and her husband were able to move forward and were finally able to start rebuilding their lives.

“Sue came to see us every week,” Naneh remembers. “She was so patient, there was no pressure – she cared for and played with my daughter which gave me time to think.”

You can hear Naneh and Sue tell their story on our podcast here.