Kelly, mum of three, has written a welcome to the Spring 2022 edition of 'Family Matters', Home-Start's supporter magazine. She shares her powerful story of how Home-Start support helped her to put the past behind her and make a better future her children.

Last year I was in this magazine, sharing my story of how much Home-Start Corby supported me. I’d been suffering from postnatal depression after the birth of my twins and was traumatised by past experiences.

I was carrying around so much pain, making it hard to focus on the children. Only when my health visitor intervened did I start to understand I needed support, even though I had no idea what support that could possibly be.

Thanks to Home-Start my confidence and ability to feel joy returned. Home-Start pulled me out of the negative state I was in and helped me to focus on the positive.

Home-Start enabled me to not repeat mistakes of the past and build a wonderful future for my children. I can’t help but wonder if my parents had received support from Home-Start, how different my own childhood might have been.

Having seen how Home-Start changed the future prospects for my own children I decided to become a home visiting volunteer, so I can do the same for others. I’ve nearly finished my volunteer training. It’s been the most thought-provoking and stimulating thing I’ve ever done. I’m learning so much about psychology and why we do the things we do.

There’s also content on child development and the different stages of childhood. We learn the importance of enabling parents to help themselves – it’s very powerful. At the end of every session we reflect on what we’ve learnt. I feel so lucky to be on this course. Not only will it help me be the best home visiting volunteer I can be, but it’s also given me so many tools I can use in my own life and relationships.

Without Home-Start a lot of children would be going without and a lot of parents would feel like they’re failing. I hope you see from reading this magazine how important your support is and what it means for families like mine. Together we can change the futures of thousands of children across the UK.


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