I am doing this as a female mum of five ,
Home-Start has built me back up from bottom when I had alot of unfortunate hurdles and barriers that would break any strong independent person. They supported me to have the confidence to find myself and have confidence and faith again through the darkest most isolating times. 
They have stepped in when other agencies have shown no consistency and I felt I had nowhere to turn .They have restored my faith in people when my trust has been been shattered. They don't judge or sound like a text book they have often had personal experience Wich makes passionate understanding empathetic and non-judgmental. A lot of them unpaid volunteers with there families kindly donate their free time to support and befriend other families.
And I can't thank them enough, what they do is life changing
I am now in such a great place but without their support the outcome may have been very different.
I understand times are hard and people cannot afford to donate a lot but every little donation adds up to help them continue their amazing work in the future creating positive changes to many more families Sheisha Marshall