"I volunteer for Home-Start is because I like to help people. I support Steve, a dad with two disabled boys, Lyndon and Kieran. Steve's wife Lisa works part time, so getting out and about for Steve can be quite difficult.  He can't push a wheelchair and a pushchair at the same time.

"As a volunteer I mainly offer practical support, like getting out to the shops or going to the park with the boys; things that Steve would not be able to do on his own on a regular basis. I arrange with Steve when he needs support so, for instance, I volunteer on a day where he wants to take the boys to a musical acitvity session and needs an extra pair of hands. I have plenty of hours in the week and I can volunteer around times that suit me and the family that I support.

"I like to see the difference that I can make to the family, to Steve and to Lyndon and Kieran. Being able to take the boys out and help the whole family makes me feel good about myself.

"I heard about Home-Start through a friend and also through my mum, who trained as a Home-Start volunteer herself. Her training was part of her career progression to becoming a social worker. For me there are two benefits to being a volunteer. Firstly, it's something that I can put on my CV and that will hopefully enhance my future career prospects, but more importantly, I like working with and being around people, Home-Start allows me to do this."

Steve talks about the difference Michael makes to his life and to his sons.

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