Like so many parents, singer-songwriter Richard Walters and his wife Annie have struggled to keep their 4-year-old daughter, Addy occupied and content during the Covid-19 lockdown. One thing that seemed to help pass the time was music; writing and singing short songs together, even recording a few ideas from time to time. “We’d chat about how she was feeling and then try to turn it into a song. One morning she started singing about her friends at nursery and came up with this idea of writing a song to send to them all, just to say hello.”

Richard then had the idea of adding all their voices to the recording and sent out a Facebook request to parents. Before long, his inbox was filled with voice notes, a virtual choir of Addy’s friends all shouting ‘Hello!’ to each other and The Stay at Home Band was born.

The track was a hit with Addy’s friends and their parents alike, and it was Richard’s wife Annie who suggested releasing the song to raise money for Home-Start's COVID-19 Emergency Appeal.

If you enjoyed Richard and Addy's song, please visit their JustGiving page here.




Coronavirus is placing the greatest strain on families who are already vulnerable, including those already isolated, facing financial hardship and mental health challenges. Parents are struggling to get the nappies or food they need for their babies. Mothers and fathers with new babies are isolated at home with no one to help them through the first uncertain weeks.

For many children school is where they get their main meal of the day. Families already under pressure now have to unexpectedly provide food throughout the day.

Home-Starts across the country are working tirelessly to stay connected with families and continue to support families remotely when they can’t visit them in person. They are working with community partners to ensure families get vital food, baby goods and other supplies delivered to them during the outbreak.

Feeling the original recording was lacking something, Richard reached out to his friend and collaborator Edd Holloway (producer of Lewis Capaldi’s debut album, the biggest selling album of 2019 in the UK) who was quick to take on the project. “As soon as Richard played me the song and told me about writing it with his daughter, I knew I had to get involved. He did an incredible job of getting together loads of clips of children singing the chorus and it made the production work really enjoyable. As a charity, Home-Start are doing amazing work to help families during this difficult time. Hopefully, we can raise some money for them and at the same time raise a few smiles.”

It’s a sentiment shared by Richard: “As a parent, it’s easy to see how this strange situation we find ourselves in could very quickly become overwhelming. The work Home-Start does is absolutely vital, more so now than ever, and it’s a privilege to be able to support them with this single release. If it has been tough for us, as adults, to comprehend and cope with, it’s been even harder for children.”

Home-Start UK Deputy CEO Vivien Waterfield said, “So many families are going through a hard time at the moment and I know that children are really missing their friends and playmates. It’s wonderful to hear Addy and her friends shout out their ‘hellos’ in the song and give everyone something to smile about for a change. The fact that they are also raising money for Home-Start’s emergency appeal is brilliant. It is giving really vital support to those families who are finding things really tough right now.”

All proceeds from this song will support Home-Start’s emergency COVID-19 appeal providing essential help to families at this time.