510,000 children are living in unsafe and dangerous homes, according to a new report.

The study shows that 16% of privately rented homes are physically unsafe, 8% have serious damp and 6% are excessively cold.

Manifesto housingThe report, published by Citizens Advice, shows the dangerous conditions that thousands of children are being forced to live in because of a lack of good quality and affordable housing across the country.

The impact of poor housing on children is the reason why Home-Start included safe, good quality housing as one of the three priority areas in its manifesto, All Our Children.

As part of the manifesto, Home-Start revealed that 81% of local Home-Starts say that not all the children they work with have access to safe places to live and play.

Home-Start is calling for all children to have safe places to live and play. As part of this Home-Start is demanding that all temporary housing is suitable and safe for children and families and that a family support volunteer be offered for all families living in temporary accommodation.

Home-Start is also asking government to prioritise the right to safe play in policies for housing, education, childcare and health.

In the run up to the Queen’s Speech on 27 May, Home-Start has included its three policy priorities in its ideal Queen’s Speech. The speech sets out what Home-Start would like the government to make a priority in their first 100 days of the new parliament.