On Saturday 17th August, for the second year in a row, Home-Start Glasgow North joined together with their board members and supporters to take part in the annual Glasgow Pride march.

Anita Hayes, a member of the board for Home-Start Glasgow North, who previously worked for LGBT Youth had motivated everyone to take part; “I feel it was important to let people know that we support people in the LGBTQIA community and walk beside them at Glasgow Pride. We are a safe space for all families.

“My favourite moment of the day was us walking as a group singing through Glasgow City Centre with 11,000 others and feeling proud that Home-Start Glasgow North were part of that with happy smiling faces.”

Nikki O’Hara, Manager at Home-Start Glasgow North said; “It’s important that we reach out to all communities in Glasgow and taking part in Pride is a brilliant way to do that.”

Alan Webb, the chair of Home-Start Glasgow North’s trustee board, echoes this point; “We are working on connecting with more groups and organisations. For example, those working with care experienced people, with families created through adoption and parents who identify as LGBT+. Now when we talk family we are using a new informal mantra - for us, family now means 'however created, and whatever their make-up today'.

“There is much to do if we are to address big social issues affecting families and I believe that means Home-Start taking responsibility to ensure we are not only talking internally about being inclusive but that anyone looking in on us can say and feel the same. This will include us speaking up when it's right. Whether on local or national issues, finding our voice can really make a difference for all families.”

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