Home-Start Scotland welcomes the Scottish Government’s pledge to incorporate the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) into domestic law and prioritise children’s rights across the country.

Through our work with families with young children we have seen the adverse impact that unequal rights has on children, and addressing these inequalities is a key thematic priority in our work.

We are pleased to see the meaningful steps that the Scottish Government are taking in bringing a children’s rights based approach into reality in Scotland. Through this consultation we have engaged parents on the topic of children’s rights to understand their perspective.

They have a crucial role to play in turning policy and legislation into reality for their children. The family is the first and most important locus for respecting children’s rights. It is our understanding that parents will need to feel confident and become engaged in creating a positive rights based family culture if the pledges made by Scottish Government are to achieve real and lasting positive change.

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