Mealtimes can be the perfect time for families to come together and spend time with each other. But whatever the age of your children it can be stressful and, as busy families have less and less time, making sure that food is fun and mostly healthy, becomes more difficult.

As part of our ongoing series, we asked our supporters on Facebook to share their advice about how to remove the stress at meal times.

mealtimeWilma told us why she thinks mealtimes are so important and how she tries to create the right environment in her home. “Use meal times for chatting, catching up with one another,” she writes. “No TV, no gadgets, and no one leaves till everyone has had enough. You'll be surprised at how much they eat without realising it. Very important not to get stressed if they don't eat...let's face it our kids won't waste away over a couple of skipped/reduced meals. Xx”

Like many of the tips for a stress-free bedtime, Mikey suggested building a clear routine. “Make your own routine and stick to it every day.” Adding “No gadgets ever at the table. EVER.”

Several supporters made suggestions about the type of food that they cooked that was popular with their children.

Melandie’s advice was “The more colour n herbs the better”, while Kate recommends the “Slow cooker every time”.

Penny told us that she found it helpful to get children involved in what they’re eating, long before mealtime arrived. “Getting the children to plan meal choices with you at beginning of week!” she says. “Get them involved in cooking pre-packed or processed food.”

Finally, Emma said suggested a way to make meat time fun, “In the day: picnic. In the garden or indoor picnic”.

We hope that has helped you with a few ideas for dinner time. You can still add your thoughts on our Facebook page.

We’ll be posting lots more questions over the summer, so keep an eye on our Facebook page and remember to share your advice, or even post a question of your own.