In our latest podcast we spoke with Magadi and her volunteer Beverly about their relationship and how the support of Home-Start Camden helped Magadi transform her life.

Magadi came to Home-Start Camden after the birth of her son, Jason. Magadi was already caring for a child with a disability and another who suffered from epilepsy, and after the birth of Jason she experienced severe postnatal depression and poor mental health.

Magadi recalled a visit to the GP when she was very unwell, and later when she was introduced to Saiqa from Home-Start Camden. Saiqa knew that Magadi was very unwell and needed to be matched with the right volunteer quickly. She introduced Magadi to Beverly.

“The day they came with Beverly, I didn’t know Beverly, but I was very happy to see her,” remembered Magadi. “When I saw Beverly I was feeling like everything for me was open”.

Beverly helped support Magadi. She was someone to talk to, someone to help with tasks around the house and someone who could play with the children.

“She said I helped her,” says Beverly, “but she did a lot. She just needed someone to be with her, to empower her. Somebody who would say ‘You are somebody. You are important. You’re not just your children’s mum, you are somebody loved by everyone, so you should love yourself”.

Magadi is now clearly confident and happy, and she says she is unrecognisable from the person who first came to Home-Start for help.

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