In our latest news review Rob Parkinson and Jack Scott discuss how voluntary organisations can make sure they are able to carry on working with families, even as traditional sources of funding are reduced.

Rob Parkinson, chief executive of Home-Start UK explained, “There’s less cash coming into public services, less cash coming to the third sector, more competition from voluntary organisations for that money. How can organisations doing very similar things work better together to make sure families, in our case, get to benefit in the long run from organisations pooling their resources and expertise?”

“We all know that Home-Start makes an amazing different to tens of thousands of families’ lives,” said Jack Scott, Consolidation Project Director at Home-Start UK. “We want to be able to do that with even more families and part of how we do that is by creating stronger Home-Starts.”

Jack added, “Home-Starts that are able to bring all their resources to bear in a really effective way can end up being much more confident, much more able to lead the early years and family support agenda in their area, and also able to go and challenge decisions that might not be very helpful for families and making sure they do absolutely the right thing so families get the kind of support that they need.”