In the first of Home-Start's new series of news reviews Home-Start UK's deputy CEO Vivien Waterfield, joins Matt Hann in front of a new statue of Alice Hawkins in Leicester to mark the 100th anniversary of the first group of women winning the right to vote.

Vivien and Matt also discuss what more needs to be done.

Discussing the need to make sure that Home-Start's work continues to be inclusive, Vivien says "I think that if we really want to be a movement that is really helping people from all walks of life and really representing and supporting the communities in which we work then we need to work hard to make sure that those people from all backgrounds are involved in the service."

"We need to look at our working practices," she continued. "At the way we design our services to make sure they really are inclusive. There is loads of great work to involve dads, to make sure we are reaching people from black and ethnic minority communities and backgrounds, but the fight isn’t over."

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