Members of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh have praised the work of Home-Start saying that it had made “excellent progress in offering aid to young and struggling families”.

Scottish manifesto isolationIn a parliamentary motion, which has received cross-party support, Bob Doris commended Home-Starts for their “work with families across Glasgow and Scotland who are going through difficult times”.

The 16 MSP’s who have already signed the motion added that they “hope that Home-Start is successful in its aim to continue to bring about positive social change in Scotland’s communities”.

Across Scotland, 1,000 Home-Start volunteers are supporting 4,000 children in more than 2,000 families.

These volunteers are delivering life-changing one-to-one home-based support to families with young children living in communities as diverse as urban Glasgow and rural in Orkney.

In November 2014 Home-Start UK published its first manifesto for Scotland, calling on the government in Scotland to focus on ensuring all children have safe places to live and play, that all children with a parent suffering from a mental illness should be supported, and that all children should be well nourished and protected from hunger and poor nutrition.

You can read the full motion on the Scottish Parliament website by clicking here.