Home-Start is there to support all families, including Armed Forces families with young children, particularly at times of heightened anxieties. Support includes key transition points of rebasing and deployment. Support for families is led by a team of brilliant volunteers such as Sarah and Frauke.

Sarah became a Home-Start volunteer because she recognised the hard work of being a parent herself and the tensions that come with a partner that is often away for lengthy periods. She also noted that she wanted to ‘give something back’ to help other families.

Sarah thinks the key skills that enabled her to support other forces families have been “being a mum and an army wife.”

When asked about family life as a Forces wife she commented; “little ones are so draining. I had four young children and a husband away on deployment. My children are older now so I have been able to support other families.”

Her story mirrors many of our volunteers who have supported over 600 forces families in the UK, Germany and Cyprus to ensure those early years count.

Frauke was born in Germany and married a British citizen working for MOD in Germany. She has been a volunteer for Home-Start for over twelve years in several locations in Germany and has supported many families on the bases from a range of nationalities.

On occasions, she has been used as a translator where UK families have needed support. She stated that volunteering is a two-way process and that when she has been posted to new locations it has helped her find out about the new area.

Amanda Rearden, Home-Start Manager at British Forces Germany complimented Frauke noting how well the skills and attributes she has acquired as an experienced nurse are effectively used in her role as a volunteer; “Frauke demonstrates empathy with the families and actively listens and communicates clear boundaries and expectations.”

If your family is experiencing a period of transition, you feel you need additional support or you would like to know more about how Home-Start supports forces families, please call 0116 464 5450.

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