Becoming a parent for the first time can be overwhelming, which is why we asked you to share your top tips for new parents on our Facebook page.

The response was incredible. We received more advice for this topic than any other.

By far the most common advice was to make sure you get enough rest. Elaine, Jay, Susan, Stacey, Jacklyn and Rose all said about babies that you should “sleep when they sleep”.

There is nothing more comforting than knowing you're not aloneFor Cassandra, the key thing to remember was to trust your instinct. “Do what works for you, your partner and your baby. All the rest doesn't matter,” she says. But she also added, “Forgive yourself when things don't go to plan. Love is all you really need. And tons of baby wipes.”

Several commenters suggested setting small and manageable targets each day.

Helen’s suggestion was “set manageable and realistic goals for each day. If you get more done, fab. But,” she adds, “if you only get the few things on your list done then allow yourself to feel good!”

There were plenty of other tips. Matt’s was “Don't have too many visitors”, Catharine added “Enjoy it and don't expect to get in any kind of routine for a while”, while Lindsay’s advice was simply “No tip... You just get there somehow and start functioning like a human again (kind of).”

One of the most important pieces of advice was to make sure you ask for help when you need it. In Katy’s words, “it's not a weakness, it's a sign of strength. And when it's offered accept it – they wouldn't offer if they didn't expect you to take it!” she adds.

For those who might not have family or friends who can support you, Stephanie said “Try to get out to mother and baby groups. Meet other moms in the same situation. There is nothing more comforting than realising you’re not alone.”

Katie wrote about the support group she created for herself and her friends. “I knew 12 women who were pregnant at the same time but they all only knew me,” she remembered. “We met every week and 11 years on, we still do. Nothing better than knowing you're not alone. Never be afraid to ask... Nothing is ever a silly question when it comes to your children's welfare and your peace of mind.”

Remind yourself you are doing a good jobAmong all the tips and great pieces of advice, Susan shared her incredible story of being a first time parent 30 years ago. “We travelled through Africa while he was under six months old and he had his three triple vaccinations in three different countries,” she wrote. “He was on a rowing boat out on the open sea with us in Zanzibar and on safari with us in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya. His dad and I had a blessed and unforgettable time with him which most people will never get chance to do.”

However challenging those first few days and weeks seem, Hazel said “even though it seems like nappies, feeding, and sleepless nights last forever, it doesn't. It passes so fast. They will grow so fast, enjoy every minute.”

If you need advice or information, we have a directory of useful organisations here. Your health visitor should also be able to provide you with details about the support you can get, or you can contact your local Home-Start and find out about the help that they can provide. To find your closest Home-Start you can use our online map.

Finally, Merrin gave perhaps the most important piece of advice to finish on: “Remind yourself regularly that you ARE doing a good job.”