Trustees’ week is just one week in November in which to celebrate the enormous contribution that trustees make to the effective management of local Home-Starts in Scotland.

Home-Start Scotland has teamed up with local Home-Start boards to show just what impact they have on families across Scotland, and the unexpected benefits to volunteering their time and skills to a board.

Inspired to give back

Trustees from Home-Start West Lothian, Glasgow North, and Edinburgh West & South West reflect on the skills you need to be a trustee, and what you will get out of it.

What could you bring?

Everybody brings different skills and perspectives to being a trustee. In this film trustees for local Home-Starts tell us about the experience they bring. What could you bring?

On the hunt for young trustees

Home-Start West Lothian is on the hunt for young trustees. In a new blog, Allie Cherry-Byrnes explains why she is using Trustees’ Week to step up her search.

board meeting

“Only 2.1% of trustees in Scotland are under 30 and for many local Home-Start Boards the age of trustees is closer to the UK average of 61. Meanwhile, the majority of parents we work with are in their twenties and thirties. We need to end this disconnect between the young families we serve and the trustees who keep our charities on track. Most importantly we need to get better at bringing parents we’ve supported into governance roles – no one is better placed to keep our charity focused on what matters.”
Allie Cherry-Byrnes, Manager of Home-Start West Lothian

Read Allie's full blog.

Lucy’s Story

Lucy, Chair at Home-Start Glasgow South, experienced the benefits of Home-Start support when she had triplets. After years of commuting out of her community, volunteering with Home-Start has given Lucy the chance to give something back.

Alan’s Story

Alan is the chair of trustees Home-Start Glasgow North. In his film, Alan explains how he has had his eyes opened to the community around him through volunteering as a trustee with Home-Start.

Home-Starts across Scotland recruit to their boards regularly. Find out where your nearest Home-Start is, and get in touch to see if they are recruiting.

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