Your baby’s sleep

Babies sleep varies for lots of reasons, from their temperament to different family behaviours such as what they are fed, where they sleep, and how as parents we make sense of their needs.

To begin with, babies don’t know the difference between night and day. In the early months, they will wake in the night to feed because their tummies are too small to hold very much.

Sometimes, babies wake just to be reassured that you are there. Every baby is different and you will know their personality best of all. It can be hard to navigate all of the advice available, and difficult not to compare yourself to others, or feel a failure when you hear the inevitable question of “is your baby sleeping through the night yet?”

It’s important to remember you’re not failing and there’s no such thing as the ‘Perfect Parent’. You need to take care of yourself and try to rest when you can so that your energy levels are topped up. It’s easier to respond to your baby’s signals and to support them to settle when you are not feeling tired or stressed yourself.

The resources below have been produced by clinical specialists in infant development to support you to find your way with your baby, build your resources and get to know your baby’s unique and individual needs.

Information by health professionals to help with infant crying

Organisations that can provide online information and support

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