Heidi's son Bobby was diagnosed with 35 life threatening allergies making every time they ventured from home a danger zone. Their story was featured in the last edition of Family Matters. Now, Heidi returns to welcome you to the Winter edition of Family Matters and gives an update on life after Home-Start support.

"I was in the last edition of this magazine, sharing my story of how much Home-Start in Suffolk supported me. Life changed quite suddenly with the birth of our third child, Bobby. Bobby was a poorly baby, and, as the months rolled on, so did the number of diagnoses".

Son has 35 life threatening allergies

"Bobby lives with 35 allergies, global development delay, reflux, sleep apnoea and gastro reflux. This made it very difficult to go anywhere with Bobby, and my husband and I were exhausted by the time Home-Start in Suffolk started supporting us. 

Since we were featured in the magazine, Bobby’s received even more diagnoses – ASD, eosinophilic esophagitis and another two allergies. In the article I shared how Michelle, our home visiting volunteer, made such a difference to our family. It was the little things that built up to be big things. She’d give me the time to cook a meal, go for a nap, call Bobby’s medical team, and spend time with my daughters Connie and Bettie. This all helped me feel more equipped to juggle everything". 

Update on Home-Start support

"I’m no longer getting support from Michelle. She’s with another family who needs her. I’m so grateful for everything she did for us. I don’t know what we would have done without her support. I’m pleased to say we are still very connected to Home-Start.

My daughters Connie and Bettie did some drawings that were in a Home-Start film. The girls loved it and it was really empowering for them to be acknowledged as young carers. They were so happy to be part of something.

We still go to the Home-Start playgroup for children with additional needs every week. Bobby loves it and it keeps us connected with other families. I also join the monthly Zoom meeting for parents. There’s always a special guest speaker like sleep experts or specialist health visitors. I’ve learned so much from this group". 

Home-Start saved us

"Looking back to a year ago, my husband and I were exhausted. We never thought our family would qualify for help. But Home-Start has been there for us and saved us from reaching rock bottom. While Bobby’s health continues to be challenging, our ability to manage it has been strengthened by Home-Start. 

Thank you for supporting this amazing charity".


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