As someone who appreciates the importance of reading and literature, you’ll understand why Home Start UK is asking for you to donate the price of a book today to help children in your community.

Each year around 600,000 children start primary school for the first time. Increasingly children start school without the skills – such as sharing, reading, being toilet trained or eating without help – that they need to begin learning. Every family is unique, and there are countless reasons why families struggle to help their children prepare for beginning school for that first time.

One of the important aspects of the support we give to families is helping children with their reading skills at an early age. £7.50 could help a child in your community have the best start in life through a network of volunteers.

Please give £7.50 today.

Three-year-old Daisy was living with her mum Becky who was really struggling to cope. This had a negative effect on Daisy as she wasn’t growing up in a stable environment a three-year-old needs. A child’s earliest years are irreplaceable. Without a stable, loving and nurturing environment, a very young child will not develop the vital foundations they need.  

Naomi, a Home-Start volunteer, started supporting Daisy’s family by going into the family home to support her mum and Daisy.  Home-Start has developed tools, resources and exercises for volunteers to use with families to them prepare children for school in lots of ways, including helping children like Daisy with her reading.

The difference to Daisy could be seen very quickly as she developed more confidence and was also able to attend nursery to give her the chance of a start in life like other children. Daisy still has a difficult childhood ahead, but Home-Start will do all it can to continue helping her and children like her in communities across the country.

Donate now.

For every £1 you give to Home-Start UK

88p is spent directly on our charitable activities

12p is invested to generate future income/fundraising

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