Home-Start believes all our children should be well nourished and protected from hunger and poor nutrition.

Home-Start asks that these steps are taken to make a difference:

  • Investigate the specific impact of food poverty on children’s physical, mental and social development.
  • Weigh children at 12 months to:
    • permit earlier intervention by parents, health and social care agencies and provide sensitive support to establish better eating habits.
    • allow better analysis of when children are gaining weight.
    • Inform the training and engagement of health and social care workers
“Many of our families are living in poverty and the children are suffering. Many of our parents are not feeding themselves in order to feed their children, and many are accessing the food bank to support their family. Many of our children are turning up at school and nursery hungry, and do not have breakfast.

Home-Start Erewash

A recent report found that more than 50% of parents experiencing food poverty have gone without their own meals so they can feed their children. The position is worse for families living in suburban or rural locations who have to travel to pick up emergency food, and this further exacerbates their precarious existence.

The long term physical and emotional impact on life chances for children growing up in households who cannot afford adequate food should be mapped and linked with the National Child Measurement Programme. This will build a national picture of how food poverty is affecting communities across the UK, which would then permit us to provide appropriate and targeted interventions.

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