We’ve created a list of some of the best practical ideas for activities and resources for you to do with your children if you’re at home because of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Staying self-isolated is an uncommon experience for many of us. It is an unsettling time for families, and especially for children - even if they don’t understand what is happening. Trying to give children a ‘new normal’ can be hard.

Here is a list of websites full of activities and ideas that may be useful for your family or a friend or neighbour, because childhood can’t wait…  

Indoor activities

BBC Tiny Happy People 

This page has activity ideas to try at home with children from pre-birth to age 4-5. They are divided up into age ranges. There are also videos and transcripts for nursery rhymes and songs – perhaps you can learn a new one with your children and FaceTime family and friends to show them what you’ve learnt.

Click here to discover BBC's Tiny Happy People 

The Literacy Trust 

In response to school closures, The Literacy Trust have produced activities divided up into different age ranges to benefit children’s writing, reading and language development.

Click here to find The Lireracy's Trust's activities 

The Imagination Tree’s stay at home survival guide 

A variety of different activities all requiring different levels of planning and resources. From writing to family and friends to designing a Lego contest, there is something here for everyone.

Browse The Imagination Tree's activities 

BBC Bitesize 

These resources are split into ages and then topics, and also nations, recognising our different curricula around the UK. There are educational online games too! This site is more about activities completed online, as opposed to things you can do together as a family, but it may be useful if a family is particularly concerned about schooling.

Discover BBC Bitesize's educational games

Outdoor Activities

Remember that self-isolation doesn’t mean that you need to stay inside. Only stay quarantined if you or a family member are showing symptoms of coronavirus. Otherwise, you can still go outside and enjoy the fresh air while still maintaining social distancing!

Wildlife Watch 

Here, you’ll find a long list of activity sheets that are free to download. The activities vary in difficulty and not all of them require you to have a garden.

Download the activity sheets

The Woodland Trust’s Tree ID 

The Woodland Trust have produced some printable ID guides to help children learn about trees. Use them to identify leaves, twigs, blossom and fruits throughout the year.

Learn more about trees throughout the seasons 

Additional pages to support you during COVID-19

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Useful contact numbers 

Remember, if you have any extra activities that you’ve found, please share them on Home-Start UK’s social media pages using #AtHomeWithHomeStart