Home-Start UK is proud to release our summer edition of Family Matters, a magazine to update our valued supporters on what we have been doing over the past six months.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Home-Start has been working tirelessly to ensure that families remain connected and supported during the pandemic. A family who knows a lot about the support of Home-Start, especially during this time, is our cover family.

Natt lives with her husband and five children and has been supported by Home-Start South Leicestershire since December 2019 after being referred at a 2 ½ year check from her health visitor.

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“Coronavirus has affected us all, there have been benefits of us spending time together, but there have been some trials, too”.

Since lockdown, Natt has continued to receive support from Home-Start with her support worker ensuring that the family remain happy and healthy during this time. Natt explains, “Jo has been keeping in close contact. She left activities for the children at the door along with links to websites for information for me. She’s always checking in with us, sending us messages and will call when there’s something on my mind.”

Having recently being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, Natt explains how lockdown has been a struggle for her personally but Home-Start has been there for her, as well as her children, “Jo knows how much my anxiety has been affected, especially during COVID-19. She has gone above and beyond by writing a letter to help us get back on the housing list”.

“Home-Start has been such a support. I’ve had so many things happen to me and Jo has really helped put things into perspective. She has made me realise I am stronger than I thought… giving me reassurance. She said I will get there, it’s a process – so much has changed [for us all] in such a short period of time.”

“There is no shame in asking for help”, Natt reflects, “You do what is needed for your family. Ask for Home-Start to support, be open and don’t keep it all to yourself. There is help out there and I am beyond grateful.” 

Stories just like Natt’s are heard all across the UK and with thanks to the many generous donations to our Emergency Appeal fund, Home-Start has been able to be there for families when they need us most because childhood can’t wait.

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