Employee Volunteer Award winner

Matthew Norton, of Lloyds Banking Group, only came to 'make a difference' for a day. Years later his contribution just keeps on growing. Read more

Home-Start UK Award winner

Maire Young was recognised for engaging with political leaders in Northern Ireland during times of conflict and of peace to give Home-Start a future. Read more

Longest Serving Volunteer - England

31 years of volunteering with Home-Start Chelmsford makes winner Prue Reynolds the longest serving volunteer in England - and also in the UK. Read more

Longest Serving Volunteer - Northern Ireland

"We called you earring as you always wore big earrings", said a teenager who had been helped as young child by Maureen Kearney during her 21 years volunteering. Read more

Longest Serving Volunteer - Scotland

Gela Rose is still in contact with the first family she supported and, 26 years later, still volunteers - on the trustee board at Home-Start Lorn. Read more

Longest Serving Volunteer - Wales

Judy Dunt from Home-Start Monmouthshire has given an amazing 26 years to Home-Start families - even continuing to support parents and children after crossing borders. Read more

Message from our Royal Patron

HRH Princess Alexandra congratulates the 2016 winners and thanks all Home-Start's thousands of volunteers for their wonderful work. Read more

Outstanding Contribution Award winner

Ann Bridle: the 2016 volunteer who has shown extraordinary commitment and excellence. Read more

Outstanding Trustee Award winner

Yvonne Wright "is one of those quiet people who just inspires others by her enthusiasm and belief in Home-Start, despite working very, very long hours" in her day job. Read more

Volunteer Development Award winner

"My time with the charity has been a fantastic journey. I may be different, but I have the determination to do it.” said winner, Laura Fozard. Read more

Volunteer Fundraiser Award winner

When Liz Sturgeon heard that Camden families could be left without the charity’s services, she rolled up her sleeves as a volunteer fundraiser. Read more

Young Volunteer Award winner

Twenty one year-old Rosemary Cottle was recognised for her planning, positive influence, for inspiring other mothers and for bringing warmth and happiness. Read more