Since the start of the #GiveALittleLove campaign, 138 Home-Starts have received over £100,000 between then to deliver extra support to families this year.

35% of Home-Starts said they would be offering Christmas treats or activities, including presents from Father Christmas or online pantomimes to be enjoyed at home.

Local Home-Starts such as Home-Start Dover have used the money to fund their family groups during the Christmas season to ensure that families remain connected during what can be a difficult time. Other local Home-Starts such as Home-Start Flintshire and Home-Start Kettering have been able to bring the Christmas spirit to family’s doorsteps. Both have organized visits from Father Christmas to families who will gift children with something to put under the tree.

“This will make such a difference to a family because they will be able to enjoy the Christmas celebrations with their children and share the experience with other Home-Start families.” Home-Start Dover

Home-Start Garioch is also ensuring that no child is forgotten this Christmas, ensuring that families who have been struggling due to redundancies and job losses during the pandemic will have food treats and gifts delivered to them this Christmas, "Many of our families fall off the radar of being in poverty due to parents working and so not in receipt of any benefits. Many of these parents have had their hours cut, faced redundancy and job loses so while some may be able to pay the essential bills, they have no money for any extras such as Christmas presents or even the wee food treats they might have bought previously”.

Christmas came early in the form of a special delivery for Lori Scales’ two children.

Lori said: “When Home-Start Medway arrived at the door with Christmas gifts it really brightened up our day. Due to their ages and sensory issues, Coby and Tommy don’t play with each other. Today, when I looked inside living room, I couldn’t believe it when I saw them happily playing together with the toys Home-Start dropped off earlier. I’m so touched by the kindness we’ve been shown. It feels like Christmas has come early for us this year. Thank you to John Lewis and Waitrose for putting a smile on my children’s faces.”