Since the start of the #GiveALittleLove campaign, 138 Home-Starts have received over £100,000 between then to deliver extra support to families this year.

22% of Home-Starts will be sending out essential food parcels for those on low incomes so that no one will be hungry this Christmas. Fuel, phone and internet costs were also flagged by 9% of Home-Starts as an essential need for families, ensuring that they are kept warm and well connected with loved ones throughout the season.

To support families desperately in need this Christmas, local Home-Starts such as Home-Start Hull, Home-Start Erewash, Home-Start Rochdale, Home-Start Aberdeen and Home-Start HOST are providing essentials to families facing fuel and food insecurity.

Along with delivering food vouchers to families, Home-Start Merton is also ensuring these parents have 1:1 counselling sessions if they’re struggling with life due to COVID-19 and lockdown.

“[Essential items] are the hardest things to ask for but provide the biggest benefit Home-Start Hull

With many of the families that they support reaching crisis point, Home-Start Rochdale is ensuring all families that have been affected by redundancies, fewer hours or job losses have enough food, data and fuel this Christmas. They are also delivering gifts for children this Christmas who may not otherwise receive one.

“We can warm some hearts and offer reassurance to show that someone really cares, making sure children don't miss out.” Home-Start Rochdale

When money is low, it can be difficult to pay for fruit and vegetables which can sometimes be expensive. Home-Start Omagh is providing boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables to 25 families who are struggling to provide financially. Along with these boxes, they are also sending reading books to children in these families to keep them entertained this Christmas.

Donna Mason and her family are supported by Home-Start Erewash. With funding from #GiveALittleLove campaign, Donna received money for food and to put on her gas metre so the family could stay warm over Christmas.

“Money’s tight and it’s been stressing me out thinking about how we can keep the house warm this winter or put food on the table. Money I’d saved for the kids presents has had to go on bills, leaving them with little to unwrap. Thanks to Home-Start I don’t have to worry about having a warm house or enough food this Christmas. The kids will even get to open some presents. I’m touched by the kindness we’ve been shown," said Donna.