Welcome to Family Matters - Winter 2023

Heidi's son Bobby was diagnosed with 35 life threatening allergies. Their story was featured in the last edition of Family Matters. For this edition, Heidi has written a welcome with a lovely update on life after Home-Start support. Read more

Nikita and Maureen: From turmoil to trust

When Nikita was a child, home-visiting volunteer Maureen was one of the few adults she could trust. So when she became a mum herself, and found she needed help, it was Maureen she turned to once more. This is their story. Read more

Sam's story: I never got to say thank you

Hospitalised with postpartum psychosis, Sam never got to say goodbye to her Home-Start volunteer Marie. 20 years later they meet for an emotional reunion. Read their powerful story. Read more

Jess's story - Home-Start fixed my confidence, now I fix cars

Pregnant at 17 and struggling with ADHD, Jess's confidence was at an all-time low. With help from her Home-Start volunteer, her confidence grew, and she steered a new course by studying to be a car mechanic. Read more

Who else is checking in on the most deprived families?

As families to struggle to feed, clothe and keep their children warm due to the cost of living crisis, we hear how local Home-Starts are on the frontline providing emergency support. Read more

Tyler's story: I bounced from home to home

Brought up in care, Tyler had an unstable home life. When he became a dad, he and partner Simreen turned to Home-Start for support in creating a settled home for their children. #BuildingHappierFutures Read more

Kirsty's story: I needed someone to offer help

Nurse and mum of four, Kirsty, had a vision of what a happy family should be like but struggled to achieve it. She knew she needed help, if only someone would offer it. Then Home-Start came along... Read more

A reason to leave the house

Two mums talk about the power of Home-Start group support in reducing their feelings of isolation, and how their lives have changed for the better through meeting other parents. Read more

Training volunteers on baby brain development

Home-Start supports children during the most critical years of their development. Now volunteers are being offered bespoke training about key times in child development, enabling them to make an even bigger difference to families. Read more

Welcome to Family Matters - Spring 2023

Mum Lauren has written the welcome to this edition of 'Family Matters'. Her husband Will is in the army and her daughter Layla has additional needs. Here, she tells us what Home-Start support has meant to her. Read more

50 years of little moments that matter

From a hug to feeling heard, Home-Start support is a myriad of little moments that make a big difference. Here, three people explain the power these little moments have made to their lives. Read more

Alice's story - Finding a safety net in the Cost-of-Living crisis

Struggling to make ends meet, the cost of living crisis has impacted Alice’s family hard. But thanks to you Home-Start has been able to provide a critical safety net. Now Alice is determined to build her own business. Read more