The Power of Play

Children learn about the world when they can enjoy unstructured time and space to play. Through play children achieve true mastery in their own terms of their emotions and skills that are important to their culture.Read more

Kiltwalk Challenge: a great way to support Home-Starts across Scotland

The Kiltwalk offers four annual opportunities to fundraise for Home-Start UK and local Home-Starts in ScotlandRead more

Become a Play Champion for more outdoor play, every day

We to champion children’s right to play because there are far too many barriers for children and families to overcome.Read more

Home-Start gave me the confidence to change my career

Volunteering with Home-Start has been the strong foundation for me to build a new career in social care.Read more

Big Hopes Big Future: Families are the key to closing Scotland’s educational attainment gap

Home-Start’s new programme Big Hopes Big Future (BHBF), is working to engage intensively with children and families together before school age.Read more

You have the powers to make Scotland the best place to grow up in

You might have had you say as a voter but do you know that community groups in Scotland have been granted new rights to participate in planning and developing services?Read more

BBC mum retake has us laughing, but should have us asking “what about dad?”

We may smugly think dad has no idea but before we laugh we should think about dad's response and the conflicted state he finds himself in.Read more

Scotland’s baby box row – a storm in a trainer cup?

Getting it right for every child is a journey and the non-means tested Baby Box is a powerful sign we are on the right road.Read more

PND & Me: using social media for postnatal mental health support

Social media is emerging as a powerful channel of online support for people experiencing issues around postnatal mental health.Read more

Stories, songs and rhymes: a gift for life

The best gift we can give children is time and our attention. Spending time singing, reading and rhyming will set the foundations for later learning.Read more